Confidence Coalition

About a week ago (*cues Bobby Shmurda rap voice*), several of my sisters and I got the amazing opportunity to pass out beautiful, bright blue balloons with compliments written on them on the Tower plaza! This was not only a wonderful opportunity to interact with our fellow UT peers but also a bonding experience within our own sisterhood.

Although some people were reluctant to take a balloon to class, (maybe they were afraid of smacking the person sitting next to them in the face with it…idk) a majority of the people gladly accepted the gift. These young ladies (and sometimes men) not only received a cheerful balloon but also an inspiring and uplifting phrase written on the balloon!

Kappa Delta utilizes its outreach opportunities to instill confidence in young ladies, so that they will be empowered to do great things in life. Too often women are socially and emotionally degraded to the point that they feel undervalued. It is these everyday reminders that women can change the world and are capable of amazing things that build up the unbreakable power necessary to produce the next generation of female leaders.

Stay Confident Kappa Delta!


Darah Welch

About the Author:

Darah is studying advertising as a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin. She enjoys warm snuggles with bae (her pet Maltese named Niko), chilling with her homies at the local shopping mall, and occasionally dropping it low on the dance floor.



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