Big/Little Week


From the Big:

Coming back to Kappa Delta as a sophomore, I could not wait for our new pledge class, but most importantly, I couldn’t wait to get a little. I was ready to have a girl to spoil, and welcome to Kappa Delta, and be one of my best friends. Our new pledge class was perfect, and when it was time for sis dates, I was pumped to get to know the girls I got to hang out with. When I went on a sis date with Abby, we bonded over our love of queso, Grey’s Anatomy, and our hometown, ATX. We both knew that we were a perfect pair. When I found out that Abby was my little, I was couldn’t be more excited. For Big/Lil week, I sent her sweets and KD gear and a candle, to make sure she knew I was so excited to have her in my fam. When it finally came to Thursday, I left her a Build-A-Bear matching mine, dressed like a dancer to find at the house. The rest of my pledge class and I went to a roller rink to wait for our new littles. We hid behind the wall of the roller rink with only our bears showing. Our littles came running in and ran to our matching bears. When Abby finally found me, I was so excited to see her. I gave her a huge hug and told her I hoped she was ready for an adventure, because she was stuck with me forever. The big and little relationship is a huge deal in Kappa Delta, and I’m so excited I get to have a little as perfect for me as Abby!

From the Little:

As a freshman, I am so thankful to be welcomed into the amazing Kappa Delta sisterhood! Out of the many fun and exciting things we have done so far, my favorite has definitely been big/little reveal. The week of reveal was filled with so many surprises! Each day we went to the KD house it was like Christmas morning! I walked inside and saw so many cute presents from all of our bigs. We all would open our gifts and try to guess who our bigs were. Even though I didn’t really know who my big was yet, and secretly hoped it was Avery, I loved her so much already! When Thursday came, there was a final present waiting for us! After I found a Build-A-Bear dressed up as a ballerina with my name on it, we all were taken to a surprise destination. Once we arrived, we ran inside the roller skating rink to find our bigs. When I finally found the bear that matched mine, I ran up to it and Avery popped up from behind the wall the bear was sitting on. I seriously could not have been happier to see her! After hugging for a solid minute we went to go roller skate, and by skate I mean take cute big/little pics and attempt to look graceful. There were a few minutes where we were going strong, feeling the breeze as we skated around, but then I ruined “big/little goals” by wiping out, landing flat on my back. It’s all okay though because now I can trust that my big will help me up when I am down…literally. I am so thankful to have such an awesome big, and I can’t wait for many fun adventures and memories with Avery!


Avery Westerlund and Abby Loper

About the Authors:

Avery Westerlund is a sophomore Sport Management major from Austin, Texas. She is also the Kappa Delta Webmaster, explaining her addiction to all things social media. In her free time, you can find her watching Netflix, eating Mexican food, or going on adventures with her GoPro.

Abby Loper is a freshman dance and elementary education double major from Austin, Texas, who was just initiated into Kappa Delta. Her favorite moments of freshmen year currently include football games with her sisters and collecting 50+ KD shirts after initiation.



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