A New Member’s Perspective


Hundreds of us were sitting in Hogg Auditorium on what seemed like the most important day of our life, other than our wedding day, of course. Just beneath us were white envelopes inscribed with our names on the front. And these little white packages were about to change our whole college career. Finally, we were given the go ahead to open our bid cards, and girls began to scatter, finding their new sisters. I, along with over 60 other new KD members followed the giant glittering “KΔ” sign that was held before us as we sprinted to our new house

Now, 7 weeks after bid day and a week since I have been initiated, I have come to a realization. We weren’t running to our new house, we were running to our new home. Immediately this school of over 50,000 students didn’t seem so overwhelming at all. For we were surrounded by our fellow Kappa Deltas, our pledge class members, our sisters, our new best friends. And at the time I don’t think any of us truly realized how much being part of such a strong, passionate sisterhood would impact each of us. But now, I think we can all agree that the impact is hard to miss. We’ve gotten to go on sis dates and meet the amazing young women that surround us in this sisterhood. I’ve had the opportunities to go on spontaneous donut and ice cream runs with my sisters. We’ve gotten to cheer on our killer KD’s on stage at Greek Get Down. We have all sat on our dorm room floor; overwhelmed by the 70+ new shirts we just received to rep our new family after initiation. We’ve hung our bid day posters on our front doors to show everyone just how proud we are to be a Kappa Delta. You never have any trouble finding someone who’s ready to hit up Starbucks and pull an all-nighter to study with you. We have all gotten the opportunity to run into the arms of our new big and for most of us, new best friend. My big even asked me to drop everything and drive across the state with her for a concert (I obviously said yes and it was the best decision ever). The truth is, being a Kappa Delta is always an adventure. And I can’t wait for the years of adventures I have ahead of me as a KD.

About the Author:

Molly Walsh is a sophomore English major who plans on becoming a high school teacher. You’ll never find her without headphones in and her favorite songs playing in her head. Socks, candles, and warm chocolate chip cookies are the way to her heart.



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