A Semester in Review

This semester has been crazy and beautiful and everything in between. Our semester started with an incredible new pledge class. Seeing them walk into our house for the first time was truly amazing. Little did they know the sisters they just gained and the home they now get to call theirs. We covered ourselves in glitter and welcomed them with open arms. We spent the night celebrating their new sisterhood.

Later, we had big little reveal. I can’t explain my excitement to get my little! I have such a great friendship with my big, I only hoped I would have the same with my little. I was not disappointed! My little Anna and I had so much fun that night, skating around the rink and taking plenty of pictures. Now, almost three months later, my little is my best friend. I can’t imagine Kappa Delta without her.

As the semester went on, we had parents weekend, an alumnae tea where we got to honor Sigma Epsilon alum Alane Hall for her service on national Kappa Delta council, our fall casual and semi formal. All of these things continued to remind me how lucky I am to be a Kappa Delta.

This semester, my sisters have been nothing but supportive, caring and hardworking. I got to watch them do some awesome things on and off campus. I got to know the new pledge class and grow even closer with my own and the pledge classes above me. I was shown, time and time again, the truly inspiring sisterhood that I get to call my own.

I now serve on the executive council for my chapter as the Vice President of Public Relations. To say I’m nervous would be an understatement. But with my nerves comes great excitement! I can’t believe I get to serve my chapter in this way. My sisters have been so encouraging through it all and I know that in this next year on council, their encouragement will continue to keep me going.

Here is to an unbelievable fall semester. Kappa Delta, you amaze me! Now onto a much needed winter break to rest up for the next semester where Kappa Delta is sure to do some incredible things.

About the Author:

Madison Weaver is a sophomore public relations major from Coppell, Texas. She serves as VP-PR. When she is not trying to squeeze in a nap or stressing about school, she is probably watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix or obsessing over dogs (specifically dachshunds).



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  1. Verna Robertson says:

    We take so much pleasure from these reports. What a wonderful part of life for all our beautiful kappa deltas.


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