SENIOR YEAR! The year of yes. The year of lasts firsts. The year of SKA! The year we all happily skip and laugh through, until we look up and realize the real world is standing, waiting. A brand new season of life is upon us. A change is coming whether we are ready or not.

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It is crazy to think none of us even knew each other four short years ago. But it is amazing how time has brought us together as best friends, roommates, and KD sisters. From our freshman year at SRD to our senior year at 921, college has brought us unforgettable memories of joy and laughter, but also darker moments that have strengthened our friendship. I am forever thankful for the five other vibrant, compassionate, wise women of 921. Life would be drastically different without them, and I owe it to Kappa Delta for bringing us together. Kappa Delta gave us a home, built our confidence, developed our leadership, and blessed us with the greatest family we could have ever hoped for.

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At this brink of change, it is easy to long for the past, wish to be a freshman and relive it all again. Relive all the big date events, initiations, big little reveals, and sisterhood events. Replay all of the little moments that made us cry with laughter over and over again. But while graduation is a time for reflection and gratefulness, it is also a time for celebration! To celebrate everything we have accomplished these past four years. To recognize the legacy we have built and look forward to the journey ahead. To medical school, graduate school, corporate life, and teaching. Our house and the rest of PC 12 is on to incredible things!

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In just one short week we will step out of this four year dream, newly equipped to change the world. We will be laying down new roots in Houston, Austin, Fort Worth, and Dallas. The change ahead is absolutely terrifying, but the miles cannot keep us apart. We will always have Kappa Delta no matter where we are.

Love in AOT,

The girls of 921- Natalie, Lauren, Alex, Sylvia, Allie, and Ginny

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