The good go greek, the GREAT go GREEN!


After a long spirit week and a LONG week of rush, we were all so ready to welcome home our new pledge class on bid day. I’m in PC 15, so this was my first year going through rush as an active member. Every girl in my pledge class gets paired up with a new member for all of the night’s festivities, and we were all so excited to meet the girls who would be our future littles!! We got to the house hours before the new members ran home, so we all got to help set up. We were so anxious for them to finally arrive! Finally it was 5:30 and we were waiting outside our house with signs with their names on it. One of the KD Rho Chis was literally live streaming them running home to us. It was the best. It was just a blur of hugs, happy tears and pictures.

I always thought the whole “we’ve been waiting for you all summer” line was a little cheesy, but it is so, SO true. It’s an amazing thing having 250 girls work together towards a common goal: to welcome an amazing and unique group of women to our sisterhood. Throughout the long hours and craziness that is formal recruitment, we had our sights set on bid day. It’s the best feeling to be able to welcome in new members and show them what a crazy smart, funny, loving chapter this truly is. As the girls we loved so much continued to come back to our house, the anticipation for bid day grew. After our last preference party, I remember our recruitment captain, Courtney, crying as she told us how proud she was of our chapter’s hard work.

I had never felt more at home at KD than I did during rush, and I was so excited to share that with our new members. Bid day is especially cool because we get to make this day just as fantastic for the new members as our bigs made it for my pledge class when we ran home a little over a year ago. We all had been living in a KD bubble for the past two weeks through work week and rush, focusing on showcasing our amazing sisterhood to the PNMs. For me, I have never been more proud or excited to be a Kappa Delta as I was on bid day when my sisters and I got to welcome home 82 amazing women to the sisterhood that has given me so much.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.56.38 PM.pngAnisse is a sophomore Biology major (premed wow).  She is also obsessed with pups and everything Harry Potter!!


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