hooKeD Notre Dame!

There’s nothing quite like game day in Austin, Texas! The energy, the excitement, the pride, it’s electric. I have been nervously counting down the days for this season to begin. We have a new quarterback, a new baby Bevo, and lots of new hope for this year to be special. If you know me, you know that Texas football is my favorite thing in the world. Some of my favorite memories at the University of Texas have happened at Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium, but the game against Notre Dame will go down as one of my favorites! We pulled off an upset of the number 10 team in the country! Honestly, my voice is still gone, but it was so worth it. Everyone was so shocked that we won, but I had faith all along that we would come out on top. I keep reliving that double overtime win in my head. All the anticipation led up to that moment, and beating Notre Dame was unforgettable.

My favorite thing about football is sharing it with all the people that I love, especially my KD sisters. From getting ready in the house, completely decked out in burnt orange, to tailgating hours before kickoff, there is no one I would rather spend my game days with. When I was a sophomore living in the house, I remember my roommate Binna and I staying up late discussing the latest Texas football recruiting news. (#LetsRide) She and I would discuss our love for Charlie Strong and our hopes for the future of Texas athletics. Kappa Delta introduced me to women who are just as passionate about school spirit and college football as I am, and I am so thankful for that.


As I enter into my senior year, I am so excited to see how this season plays out for us. I believe in our program, our coaches and our players. You better believe I will be at every single game, from Eyes to Eyes, cheering on my boys no matter what. Although I am sad to know that my time as a student here is coming to an end, I thank God everyday that I was born a Texas Longhorn and that I was given the opportunity to be a Texas Kappa Delta. Hook ‘em horns, y’all!


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