The 7 Things to Know About School *sung like Miley*

As we begin this week, it’s becoming very real that syllabus week is officially over and the semester is actually here…coming at what seems like 100 mph!  The beginning of the semester is always so daunting with new classes, new professors, and new expectations.  So here are seven ~hopefully~ helpful tips to ensure both a smooth transition into the new semester and an overall successful semester!

#1: GO TO CLASS.  I know it’s hard to get up for that 8am or motivate yourself to walk outside in the pouring rain, but ultimately the most beneficial goal you can set for yourself will be to go to lecture everyday.  Even if your instructor literally reads off their PowerPoints and always posts the slides, both visually looking at the slides and hearing them read out loud helps you filter the information better.  

#2: Improve time management.  Time management is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot; however if you can manage your time properly, you will not only be more productive but you also find that you have a lot more free time than previously thought. If you can schedule out your day it will make all the difference.  So, use planners, alarms, sticky notes, whatever works to help you keep on top of your priorities.  

#3: DO NOT PULL ALL NIGHTERS.  I get so heated about this, because there is honestly nothing worse for you than to exhaust yourself.  A necessary study tool is sleep.  Studies upon studies attest to the importance of a healthy sleep schedule in regard to studying.  Not only does your mind filter all the information that you study, but after a certain point in the night you are no longer absorbing information.  SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP!

#4: Maintain a healthy social life.  The key is to finding a healthy balance between going out and school.  Breaks are essential.  I seriously recommend using your planner to schedule academic obligations as well as mark down social events/outings.

#5: Use your resources! Universities have so many resources ranging from tutoring to mental health and counseling services.  The most important resources, however, are going to be your relationships, both with professors and teaching assistants but also with your sisters and classmates.

#6: Restructure your environments.  Know the physical environment in which you excel.  If that is a place that is completely silent, try a library or someplace not many people know about on campus.  If you like background noise, check out a coffee shop or student center.  Restructuring your environment also pertains to your social environment.  Know when it is best to study with groups and when you need to study alone.

#7: Lastly, monitor and evaluate your progress.  If you see that your sleep schedule is messed up or that you are not achieving the academic goals you’ve set for those specific classes, then make a change.  It’s never too late to adjust your routines!


I hope these tips provide a little direction into how to be a smarter student.  Go confidently into this semester and best of luck!




PC 15 Lauryn Cannella is a Marketing and Advertising Double Major, and as always, is absolutely killing the game in Moody and McCombs. We are so lucky to have her as our Academic Excellence Chair this year! Thanks for all of the laughter, Lauryn (she is really funny, guys)!   


*Editor’s Pick:

I asked some of the girls around the house some of their favorite tips to ensure a great semester and here are three of my favorites!

“What I usually do is try to meet a few people in my classes, so you have someone to go to if you forget your homework- but also it just makes things generally more enjoyable to go to class if you have some friends that are excited to see you.”- Clara Duffy | Junior | Spanish Major with a minor in Communications


“Get up early even if you don’t have class till later because if you don’t you’ll just be lazy all day and be tired. I always try and get up around 8am!”- Catherine Frost | Senior | Human Relations Major


“Go to yoga! Try to make it a habit because it’s good for you and makes you happy. Do stuff that is going to make you happy.” – Claire Davis | Sophomore| Theatre and Radio Television Film Double Major

*Editor: Evana Flores,  PC15


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