Moments of Madison : An Inside Look on Madam Pres~

Note from the Editor: O’ Captain! My Captain! Madison Weaver: passionate PR major, wedding planning intern, former KD Vice-President of Public Relations, and now the president of our Sigma Epsilon Chapter. She is undoubtedly a fierce leader that is loved by many, and someone that I have looked up to for five years now!  Throughout the years of high school and college I have had the privilege of getting to call her my drill team captain, bid-day buddy, sister, and now president… which is just crazy because I wouldn’t be where I am without her friendship. But enough of me talking, here is Madison Weaver via pneumonic according to some that know her best. 

-Evana Flores | PC 15


mo d e s t

When you first think of the word modest to describe a person, you might think about their appearance, but the definition of modest also includes “having or showing moderate or humble estimate of one’s merits, importance, etc.” There is no better word than that to describe Madison. She is a very driven person and has no problem achieving her dreams, but is such a humble leader. She handles being president with humility and sets a great example for the rest of our sorority. Madison never makes anyone feel inferior and treats everyone she encounters with compassion. I can’t wait to see the impact she makes on this chapter!

-Emily Cox | PC 14

a l l  a b o u t  YOU

 One of my fave qualities about Madison is her ability to listen to others. Whether you’re going to her with something KD related or something more personal, friends who listen as well as Madison does are few and far between. With sweet Weaver, it is never “all about me” and always “all about you”, and that is why she makes an amazing president.

– Meg Phippin | PC 13

d a r i n g

This is a bit ironic because we always tease Madison about not being wild enough, but truthfully Madison’s dedication to this chapter is inspiring. In the brief time I’ve known her I can already tell that she’s really pushed her limits this year and has done an amazing job of filling the shoes of some of the most perfect KD ladies to come through our chapter. Madison, no matter how many times we tease you for wanting to stay home and work on homework instead of hitting up downtown, I’ll always admire your dedication and courageousness.

– Natalie Rose | PC 16

ii d e a l

Madison is the ideal person to lead our chapter as president. She is kind, smart, thoughtful, practical, and beautiful inside and out. She is the true definition and image of a KD Lady. Madison not only leads with compassion, but also with grace. She is always there as a mentor, a sister, or a friend. She loves Kappa Delta and makes all decisions in it’s best interest. As a leader, she is eloquent and poised, but she is also relatable on so many levels from her love of Gilmore Girls to her love of animals, life, and people. Thank you for everything Madison!!!!

– Natalie Eng | PC 15

s a s s y  P o n y t a i l

I know this might seem trivial in describing someone as eloquent, kind, and funny as Madison, but I think it epitomizes her quite well. She is always SO put together and collected, just like the pony she rocks on the reg. This girl is shockingly mature for her age and it shows in not only her hairstyle, but the way she presents herself to the world and to our chapter! Love you Madison!

– Carlyn Hinojosa | PC 15

doughnut M G .

3 letters, not a word, but Madison is the person I go to with all of my OMG moments, and in true OMG fashion. She is the type of person who would do anything for the people she cares about, and as president, she carries that quality through to each relationship she has with the girls in our chapter. I know that I am not the only person that comes to her with every type of OMG in my life – from the incredibly exciting moments to the absolute worst- and her guidance through the bad and genuine excitement is what makes her an incredible president and friend. I couldn’t imagine life or KD without sweet Madison Weaver!!!!

– Anna Hunter | PC 15

nn  o b l e

Madison acts nobly in her every day life. She doesn’t spite others, she doesn’t lie. She does what she believes will do the most good for the most people and she sticks to her values. Madison will do the hard thing, have the hard conversation, and take the harder way because sometimes it is the noble thing to do, and that’s who she is.

– Clara Duffy | PC 14


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  1. Love love love all of your sweet and exact descriptions of Madi! TXKD has recruited some of my best girls and I am so proud that they have continued to love and support one another and their whole chapter!


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