♥ Galentines Galore ♥ by Courtney Devore

Living in a sorority house is an experience unlike anything else. Having your best friends living in the same room with you, down the hall from you, AND across the building from you is as amazing as it sounds. I have lived in the house for two years and I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it…. well maybe the nights when someone gets a text from a cute boy and decides to scream in the hallway at 2am, but still, I wouldn’t want it any differently.

The day after last year’s semi formal was one of my favorite moments in the house. Unlike most Saturdays, everyone woke up super early for our annual tradition of a post- semi formal Texas Honey Ham extravaganza. Our executive board orders AMAZING breakfast tacos with all the fixings you could imagine, and the entire chapter comes to the house to reminiscence over the date event and have a last free day together before finals begin.


Two of my best friends are studying abroad this semester, so they were beginning the process of moving out of the KD house. But, that Saturday we chose to forget the weeks that were ahead of us and we spent the day enjoying each others company. When breakfast finished, about 20 of us piled into the TV room where we played Bring It On, 21 Dresses, She’s the Man, and many more cinematic classics. Stacy (who is now abroad in Brussels… pretty cool, I know) has the loudest laugh in the world and hearing her tell us about semi-formal just about made my year. I was crowded between Madi, Paige, and Taylor, but losing a spot on the coveted TV room couch was a real fear, so we all stayed put. We talked, and we laughed, and I knew that these friends would be in my life for a very long time.

Coming to college, I knew that I would be challenged and I would meet new people, but I never thought I’d find people quite like this. My sisters in KD are hilarious, beautiful, intelligent, ~flirty~, and just genuinely the best kind of people you can find. I’m lucky to call these friends my Galentines!!!



Courtney Devore (PC14) is a Junior studying Economics at the University of Texas. This past year she served as Vice President of Membership and won our Martha Grimes Council Award because her leadership and drive helped us recruit the most amazing PC16! Thanks for inspiring us and making the T.V. Room the place to be for a good laugh. Kappa Delta loves you gal pal!


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