Health & Happiness

There’s the saying, “new year, new me”, which can be applicable to everyone in a different way. But for me, it’s better said, “new day, new me.” This stems from having those days where you cheat on your diet, skip your workout, and get mad at your best friend for no reason. Instead of focusing on the negatives of yesterday, I try to get excited about the positives that a new day has to offer. When it comes to being healthy, I see it as three categories: your diet, your activity, and your attitude. There’s a balance between them, kinda like the balance of college ~ school, social, sleep~ but this is much more attainable. Eat what you love, exercise so your body is happy, and be optimistic about the future.

I get just as excited about a new trendy diet as the next 20 year old girl. It gets old saying no to cravings for a month, when I know I’ll revert back to my old ways the day it ends. There’s a huge advantage to changing your lifestyle of eating, without feeling restricted by straight “no’s”. So without further ado,  here are some tips I have collected for practical lifestyle changes!

A   H e a l t h i e r  Diet:

~try to eat more veggies!

~go whole grain whenever you can

~save sodas for special occasions

~eat for purpose, rather than convenience


“PC 13 Jill Quisenberry just completed The Whole 30 Challenge and took up an Instagram account to document her experiences! Check out @whole30jilly for her tips and tricks.”

But a diet can only go so far, soon enough you’ll need to get movin’ around! If anything, stroll the long way to class, go on a de-stress walk to get your brain fired up for a study break, and try out a new gym! There are so many boutique gyms in Austin that offer free classes, trials, and discounts for students. While I’m an avid athlete who can barely skip a day in the gym, it’s not the right choice for everyone.

Easy Ways to Move :

~take a study break and run around the house

~have a dance party

~walk the long way to class

~workout with a friend


“PC14 Madi Kolodige: fashion, fitness, and lifestyle blogger- rocking this Outdoor Voices set. Here’s her blog link for some minimalist inspo~ “

Last but ~absolutely~ not least, try to find joy everyday. Whether it’s five minutes on the phone with your grandma, geeking out over dumb videos, or talking a cute boy, there’s so much value in a moment of random happiness. I try to smile at the silly, irrelevant things that end up brightening the rest of my day. I love random yoga quotes and mantras so, here’s one for you!

“Do not think of yourself as a small, compressed, suffering thing. Think of yourself as graceful and expanding, no matter how unlikely it feels at that time.” – B. K. S. Iyengar

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 8.06.19 PM.png

Emma Riggins (PC 15) is the total embodiment of healthy living; what she wrote above is how she lives her life day to day! Along with being our new Health and Wellness Appointed Officer,  she is a Nutrition Major, a group fitness instructor/swim coach, and last semester she casually represented The University of Texas ~with PC15 Bailey Leach~ on ESPN’s Battlefrog College Championship. (#fit!!!) In her free time she loves cooking new recipes and hanging with her  family. Emma is such a light and it is so motivating to be in the presence of her constant positivity! 


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