Turning the Sophomore Slump Into the Sophomore Bump

The Sophomore Slump?

I’ve heard this phrase thrown around quite a bit these past few months as I’ve started my second year at UT; my friends classes have gotten more challenging and their fear of a GPA drop has low-key crushed their spirits. I think this happens to everyone at some point throughout their four years at school. It is so easy to be discouraged by the pressure to succeed, especially at a school with such a rigorous academic environment. I definitely let this pressure get to me my freshman year and because of that, I wasn’t able to be my truest and happiest self.

So after some trial-and-error, I discovered that these were the things that helped me balance happiness and success at school

  1. Be confident in yourself
  2. Surround yourself with people that encourage you – I didn’t apply to Business Honors Program when I initially applied to UT because I didn’t think that I was qualified. I was flirting with the idea of applying during my freshman year but feared rejection. Two older KD’s guided me through it and continued to encourage me. Now I am in BHP and am so certain it is where I am supposed to be!!!!!!!!!
  3. Stop and look at the tower every once in a while! Take a picture, put it on your Instagram story! It’s cool to take it all in & just feel lucky to go here.
  4. Study in a happy place – the PCL is where dreams go to die. Okay, that’s kind of dramatic but the lighting in there sucks. Go somewhere that fits your vibe! You’ll be so much more motivated. Personally, I don’t like coffee shops (I drink white monster, not coffee… idk man), but if that is your deal, then do more of that. Something as simple as lighting a candle (where my volcano girls at?), or whatever makes you happy!
  5. Get to know your professors, they are just people! People who have been in your shoes before and want you to succeed. Learn from them and their past experiences, it’ll help you grow so much as a person (and grow your LinkedIn Network).
  6. Get to know the people in your classes. I will admit it, during freshman year when I got someone’s number in a class, I would save their contact as “UGS kid that sits to my left”. I put my headphones in at the start and end of class. I dreaded group projects. However, this year I’ve made an effort to truly get to know the people in my classes. It is so important to have a diverse friend group, (again, it’ll help you grow so much more as a person) and it makes going to class so much more fun.
  7. Make time for things you don’t put in your Google calendar – Most college students have the times they eat, sleep, and breathe on their google calendar. I am not saying to throw time management out the window, but I am saying to live a little bit more authentically. There are some days when I have been studying for hours and the best refuel has been taking time to play Mario Kart Wii with my roommates.
  8. Be cognizant of how you talk about school – the following sentence was almost always in my freshman year conversations: “I don’t wanna go to class tomorrow.” Think about it more positively and you might find yourself smiling while walking to class!

These are eight somethings that have helped me turned the sophomore slump into the sophomore bump! What starts here changes the world, ya feel?

-Cadey Moore (PC ’17)


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